Our Commitment to Wood

As a company that develops businesses using forest resources, addressing global environmental issues, especially climate change, is an essential theme for us to address. SMBKZ is promoting the recycling of forest resources to realize a decarbonized society.

Circular use of
forest resources

Wood is a carbon-neutral resource that can be regenerated semi-permanently through the “plant, grow, use” cycle, and the wood itself absorbs CO2. The successful cycling of this forest cycle will not only absorb and fix CO2, but also have a variety of other functions, such as preserving biodiversity, storing water, and preventing landslide disasters. In other words, growing and utilizing trees can lead to realizing a sustainable society.

Image diagram of circular use

SMBKZ's commitment

Forest experience

SMBKZ's employees participate in forest experience programs. As an opportunity to deepen their understanding of forests and to think about the global environment and the realization of a sustainable society, employees experience pruning, thinning, lumbering, and tree planting in Mitsui's company-owned forests.

Products using certified materials

Certified materials are produced from adequately managed forests under the forest certification program designed to promote the sustainable use and protection of forests. SMBKZ sells products made from such certified materials as "COCOTOWA eco" series.

Wooden architecture contributing to decarbonization
Summit HR Construction Method Initiatives

Wood is said to be a storage of carbon and is expected to contribute to sustainable construction. In 1993, SMBKZ developed the Summit HR Construction System to make wooden construction easier for medium- and large-scale construction. This technology system has been used in numerous projects throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and contributes to realizing a decarbonized society.