Toward Sustainable Living

SMBKZ's management philosophy is to "continue to provide state-of-the-art housing and living environments". SMBKZ is fully committed to achieve zero-energy consumption buildings to realize sustainable lifestyles.

Housing with excellent
environmental performance

In addition to residential energy management, such as using solar power to generate electricity, storing it in storage batteries, and efficiently using the electricity generated, the range of energy-related initiatives is expanding to include the effective use of electric power from electric vehicles.
ZEH (Zero Energy House) aims to reduce the annual primary energy consumption balance to zero through "energy conservation" by reducing energy consumption through improved insulation performance and highly efficient equipment systems and "energy creation" by generating electricity by solar power generation and other means. Furthermore, LCCM houses (Life Cycle Carbon Minus) are designed to reduce CO2 emissions during construction, operation, and disposal as much as possible and to generate renewable energy using solar power generation, etc., to achieve a negative CO2 balance for the entire life cycle, including CO2 emissions at the time of house construction. With these concepts in mind, SMBKZ is making proposals for various energy-related equipment, aiming to realize a sustainable society.

SMBKZ's efforts

Solar power generation

Water storage system

Energy storage system

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