Overseas Business

SMBKZ meets diversified needs by leveraging the global network of Mitsui Co. Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation and Marubeni Corporation, as well as its marketing capabilities based on the experience and knowledge cultivated locally. SMBKZ is developing high value-added businesses and products, especially in the fast-growing Asian market, by leveraging its strong connections with manufacturers in Japan and overseas

  • Tri-nation trade based on trust

    SMBKZ is engaged in tri-nation trade, exporting local merchandises to third countries outside Japan. SMBKZ sells products from its long-time suppliers of South Sea materials to China and the U.S. market, the largest consumer markets, and jointly develops new merchandises with its suppliers.

  • Introducing high quality Japanese building materials to overseas

    Currently, demand for Japanese building materials, which shorten construction time, reduce wight, and excel in design, has increased overseas. SMBKZ exports Japanese building materials manufactured by domestic manufacturers to Indonesia, Taiwan, and other countries.

  • Proactive sales activities in overseas markets

    SMBKZ has established its local offices in Indonesia and Vietnam to operate its sales activities. SMBKZ meets diverse needs by selling locally procured merchandise to Japanese and local companies.

  • Business participation in overseas manufacturer

    In 2020, SMBKZ obtained a stake in PT Indonesia Fibreboard Industry Tbk (IFI), an Indonesian MDF (medium-density fiberboard) manufacturer. By jointly investing with a Japanese MDF manufacturer with an established reputation for technical capabilities, SMBKZ has established a system for the stable supply of high quality MDF to Japan. In addition to sales within Japan, SMBKZ is also actively offering MDF to third countries.

    About IFI

  • Providing added values by outsourcing construction drawings and estimation outsourcing business

    In Vietnam, where excellent labor is abundant, SMBKZ is taking a stake in CAD Center, which is developing a CAD input and estimation outsourcing business. SMBKZ provides solutions to streamline operations for customers suffering from labor shortages.