SMBKZ's Business

From upstream to downstream, SMBKZ pursues the next generation of "COMFORT" through various businesses related to space creation.

Wooden Products

Leveraging our domestic and international networks, SMBKZ provides a stable supply of high quality wooden products.

Housing Materials

SMBKZ handles a comprehensive range of building materials for housing and responds with the best solutions to a wide range of living space needs.

Construction Engineering & Materials

SMBKZ supplies construction materials and equipment for buildings and condominiums, contributing to creating towns and comfortable spaces.

Wooden Structure

As a pioneer of wooden bi-directional rigid-framed structures, SMBKZ supports the creation of spaces overflowing with the warmth of wood.

Overseas Business

SMBKZ has established overseas offices and is operating various businesses internationally, including exports of Japanese building materials and trilateral transaction.

Functions of

SMBKZ combines its comprehensive capabilities and a wide range of specialized skills to provide multi-faceted support for all kinds of construction projects.