Strengths of SMBKZ

To deliver "COMFORT" to people—
We engage in various businesses
on a global scale.

Leveraging the collective strengths of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation, and Marubeni Corporation

With the backbone of the Mitsui, Sumitomo, and Marubeni Group, SMBKZ is developing its business in a dynamic way by leveraging its stable management base and global network that extends around the world. SMBKZ contributes to society by collaborating with the three general trading firms to develop forest resources and large-scale projects in its business domain.

  • Stable
    Management Base
  • Extensive
  • Flexible
    Business Building

01Operating a wide range of businesses in the living-space industry

Based on the trust and confidence we have built over the years, SMBKZ has a customer base of more than 3,000 companies. SMBKZ is developing various businesses including imports, exports and domestic trading of multiple types of lumber and related logistics, settlement, and other trading functions.

For example, we develop construction methods, contract construction work, develop original eco-friendly products, and open e-commerce sites. Furthermore, we will continue to expand our business in the residential and living-space industry, where people live and work, such as using wood in public and commercial facilities and energy-saving housing to realize a decarbonized society.

02Expanding our businesses globally by focusing on fast-growing Asia

SMBKZ is proactively expanding its businesses to overseas, especially in fast-growing Asia. SMBKZ has established bases in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China and is participating in the company of a local manufacturer in Indonesia.

In addition, SMBKZ has developed the corporate brands "COCOTOWA" and "COCOTOWA eco" that embody its philosophy, jointly with excellent suppliers in Japan and overseas. SMBKZ is developing a global business with a wide range of partners by selling its products and services domestically and internationally.

03Product supply and technical capabilities demonstrated by our track records in large-scale construction projects

SMBKZ also participates in many large-scale construction projects in recognition of its product supply capabilities and technical expertise. For example, SMBKZ played a role in constructing the athlete's village for the International Games in the redevelopment project in Harumi area, Tokyo. Additionally, SMBKZ supplies and installs building materials for public facilities, such as large commercial facilities, train stations and government buildings, and national projects such as the World Exposition.

SMBKZ will continue bringing "COMFORT" to everyday life and the earth through the living space creation.