Management Philosophy

What we have always valued and will continue to value—that is our mission to "become a company that contributes broadly to society through its services to the living-space industry." With this sense of mission in mind, we will provide COMFORTABLE futures to people, society, and the Earth.


SMB Kenzai Co., Ltd.(hereinafter “SMBKZ”) strives to contribute to the wider society by providing the living-space industry with services that anticipate and respond to future changes.

  1. SMBKZ will engage in sound business activities emphasis on reliability and trust.
  2. SMBKZ will provide customer satisfaction by utilizing the comprehensive capabilities of our global network.
  3. SMBKZ will create a corporate climate in which individuality and ability can thrive based on the spirit of respect for human dignity.
  4. SMBKZ will take the environment into consideration, work in partnership with local communities everywhere, and will contribute to the creation of an affluent and harmonious society.