Message from the


“Comfortable” Futures

for People and the Earth.

The business environment that surrounds us is at a pivotal turning point. Addressing social issues for sustainable growth, such as climate change, human rights, transition to a circular economy, and biodiversity preservation, is a challenge on a global scale, and rising geopolitical and geoeconomic risks are adding further difficulties in solving these issues.

In this global transition, SMB Kenzai Corporation, as a member of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation, and Marubeni Corporation, will leverage its global network to seize changes and turn them into opportunities, thereby continuing to be a company that stays ahead of our period and contributes broadly to society through delivering our services for the housing and lifestyle space industry, as stated in our management philosophy.

With compliance as our top priority, we will continue to take on new challenges boldly from a higher perspective and create futures that are comfortable for people and the earth through our sound business activities based on sustainability initiatives. We hope to realize this goal with our valued business partners and stakeholders.

Tomoharu Kurokawa
Representative Director, President