Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

SMBKZ had acquired ISO 14001 certification in accordance with the Sumitomo Corporation Group's integrated certification system at the head office and 15 all domestic facilities, and will continue to engage in environmental management activities.

*Integrated certification system : Bulk screening and certification system spanning multiple organizations and officers (sites)

JQA ISO-14001 JQA-EMO0451

Environmental Policy

SMBKZ implements environmental management in accordance with the Sumitomo Corporation Group's Environmental Policy, as outlined below.

Ⅰ. Basic Policy

The Sumitomo Corporation Group recognizes that environmental issues are global in scale and that they are long-range concerns affecting future generations. As a global organization, the Sumitomo Corporation Group, through sound business activities, will strive to achieve sustainable development aimed at both social and economic progress and environmental preservation.

Ⅱ. Basic Guidelines

In pursuing its diversified business activities both within Japan and overseas, the Sumitomo Corporation Group shall comply with the following guidelines, and, through cooperation between its Group companies, work to achieve the aims of its environmental Basic Policy.

  1. 1. Basic stance with regard to the environment:

    To place great importance on protecting the global environment as a good corporate citizen in accordance with the Sumitomo Corporation's Activity Guidelines.

  2. 2. Compliance with environmental legislation:

    To strictly observe legislation related to environmental matters not only in Japan but also overseas, and to abide by any agreements made.

  3. 3. Caring for the natural environment:

    To place great importance on preserving the environment, including the natural ecosystem and biodiversity.

  4. 4. Response to climate change:

    To place great importance on mitigating climate change and adapting to its impact.

  5. 5. Efficient use of resources and energy:

    To be mindful of the finite availability of resources and energy and strive to use them both efficiently and effectively.

  6. 6. Contributing to the building of a recycling-oriented society:

    To endeavor to help build a recycling-oriented society by reducing waste and reusing and recycling resources.

  7. 7. Promotion of businesses that contribute to environmental preservation:

    To utilize our integrated corporate strength to promote businesses and projects, which contribute to environmental preservation and reduction of the impact of society on the natural environment.

  8. 8. Establishment of environmental management:

    To use an environmental management system to prevent environmental pollution and set environmental objectives and targets which are regularly reviewed and continuously upgraded.

  9. 9. Disclosure of the Environmental Policy:

    To communicate this Environmental Policy to all people who are working for or on behalf of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, as well as disclosing it externally.